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Maggie Raad

Licensed Estate Agent

At a very young age Maggie Raad was living, breathing, and understanding the true light of Real Estate.  Being brought up in a large family of developers, and tradesmen, Maggie began to expand her knowledge into an exciting career as a Licensed Agent.

It all began when Maggie took interest in her own livelihood and future, allowing her to open doors to a world of selling and purchasing her own investments. This obsession allowed her to structure her future and career path into Real Estate. 

From then on Maggie thrived on the process of selling and purchasing property, as she believes it “unlocks the doors to a fresh start and new beginnings”.

With Maggie’s ethical mind set you will be sure to have a friendly, and enjoyable journey of selling or purchasing your own property. As her passion drives her beyond her limits to find the right approach.

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